It’s…it’s coming our way

It’s…it’s coming our way

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Anonymous said: This one's both an ask and some praise. Your Mystery Twins fanfiction has gotten me into the Gravity Pines fanfiction scene, and specifically the pinecest scene. Do you think there's any Gravity Falls fanfics that are must read?


Well first off thanks for the praise - its appreciated, and I’m really happy that you enjoyed my Mystery Twins fic. I really enjoyed writing it, and I still sometimes want to go and do more with that particular AU…

As for the must reads… gosh that’s a hard question to answer…

The fics that first got me into pinecest were: Movie Night by sequoiapines, the Weekend Ruse (as well as her other fics) by pineneedleshurt & Weird Close by doublepines (as well as her other fics and art). 

Since then I’ve read lots of other great fics by different authors on the tag and if I were to go on listing all the ones I like this post would probably be almost as long as one of my stories - so I’d advise you to just check out the tag and see what sort of goodies you can find!

those same ones sucked me in too

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Mabel & Dippy Dips! Collab with Schpog, based on this sketch of hers! <3 

Look at these sexy babbys!

Oh…my…gaw…this is exactly what I envisioned in my fic.



Mabel & Dippy Dips! Collab with Schpog, based on this sketch of hers! <3 

Look at these sexy babbys!

Oh…my…gaw…this is exactly what I envisioned in my fic.

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Sorry Mabel, but I…must…re…blogggggg

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Went to Powell Butte and Raymond Park yesterday to take some photos! Here’s the first set. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


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So many feels!! I can’t believe they put this in Frozen!! So sad 😭😢

If it exists there is a crossover of it


So many feels!! I can’t believe they put this in Frozen!! So sad 😭😢

If it exists there is a crossover of it

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Pinecest: Stan’s Plan: Epilogue

Chapter 21 – Epilogue

The loud roar of the jet engines, shaking and strong vibrations of takeoff (“Didn’t that runway have a lot of chuckholes, Dip? We should like, report it or something.”) had passed 30 or 40 minutes ago, and they were now in level flight, but Mabel was still holding tight onto Dipper’s right arm and hand. Dipper was looking out over her head to the heavenly clouds out the window, and didn’t mind her grip at all.

I am in heaven. With an angel.

 Mabel looked up and then turning to see the same clouds, looked back to her brother.

“NOW what are you thinking about bro bro? You still can’t get lost in the moment with me?”

“I am thinking how lucky I am that you forgave me. How lucky I am that you’re holding me.” And he kissed her.

She loosened her grip a little to place a gentle hand on his cheek and felt down to the stubble on his chin, smiling.

“Don’t think you are getting off easy! You owe me bro!”

“Will the rest of my life be enough?”

She looked to the side, pointing to her chin.

“That, and Waddles. I want him shipped to Florida too.”

“Uh Mabel, even with her huge yard I don’t think she’ll allow a pig on her property.”

Actress Mabel  put on her best pout and uttered a mock snif.

He gave in. “But…I’ll see what I can do.” And she smiled.  

“Thanks Dip. Love you.” And she kissed him. “How long do you think we can hide from grandma?”

“Well it’s totally up to us and our acting ability. Mom and dad won’t tell her because they’re too embarrassed, and Grunkle Stan promised not to tell. He said playing dumb or not, no one will believe him anyway.”

“And grandma got us registered already for school?”

“Yep. Only now we’re at a school where no one knows we’re related.”

“But what about our last names?”

“We’ll tell them we got married. There are exceptions to law allowing 17 year-olds to marry when we turn 18 the same year. You took my last name, Mrs. Pines.”

“Ooooh, I accept!” she squeaked, and he kissed the bride.

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Pinecest: Stan’s Plan: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Dipper’s phone chimed. Text message. He saw it was Candy.

“Hi! May I have your home number too, so  I can add to caller ID in case you call me from there? :)  ”

I really want to break this off after I leave. I can’t do that if she keeps calling me when I go home.

She really didn’t say which home. I’ll send her Grunkle Stan’s home number.

He replied. “Here. Be careful though, don’t use unless emergency.” There. That should buy him time. He added: “Coming over now 4 goodbye. Mabel has 2 watch the shack while Stan gone 2 town. See you in 20” I might as well get this over with now.

His phoned chimed.  “Great! My parents at work. CU soon!”

Candy pulled out the lime green midriff. I can get away with no bra Mabel said. Time to catch big fish.

Boss Mabel grabbed the office mail and walked back to Stan’s office to go through the new incoming orders. Then his multiline desk phone rang. She was about to grab it and answer with the usual Shack greeting when she noticed it was the backline, Stan’s home number. She ignored it but then recognized Candy’s number.

“Whaaaaa?” Why would Candy call Stan’s back line? Her female intuition told her something was wrong. Is this how she is calling Dip… without me knowing? And why wouldn’t she call his cell phone if she was begin sneaky? Something’s fishy here…

She picked it up and listened. Maybe it was a butt dial…

“Hello?” came a small voice. Yep, its’ Candy all right.

“Hello? Mrs. Pines? Mr. Pines? Can you hear me?”

Whaaa? Mrs. Pines??? Why would she want to talk to mom? Well if it’s mom she wants, I’ll give it to her.

Mabel cleared her throat and lowering her voice, replied with a raspy “Heellllooo? Whoooo is calling?”

“Mrs. Pines? You don’t know me but my name is Candy. Candy Chiu.”

“Oh, hello dear. Mabel has told me a little about you. You’re her friend, right?”

There was a pause. “Yes. Yes, I’m her…her friend.”

“Well how nice.”

“Yes. Nice.”

Another silence.

“Well, I’m calling Mrs. Pines, to tell you something important. Something you should…you should know about Mabel.”

Mabel’s eyes widened, her teeth clenched and her face flustered. She almost broke the phone her knuckles were so white as she clenched it. This better not be what I think it is!

“Go on dear, what’s on your mind?”

“Well…” then Mabel heard a doorbell ring in the background.

“Just a minute Mrs. Pines.” A door opening sound. Then somewhat muffled:

“Oh Hi! I am so glad to see you! But I am on the phone! Please come in, I’ll be back in a second heehee!” Then louder. “Mrs…” silence. “I’ll have to call you back. Sorry!” Click.

Alarm bells rang a five alarm fire in Mabel’s head.

Dipper says he has to catch Stan for something he forgot, and leaves.

Candy calls Shack thinking it’s my house.

Someone arrives at Candy’s house, someone she is glad to see.

She stops short of calling me Mrs. Pines so whoever it is doesn’t hear “Pines”.


She slammed the phone down and ran out the office and out the door, to start the 20 minute walk to Candy’s house. Twenty minutes? I’ll make it twenty seconds!

“Oh Dipper!” Candy didn’t hesitate. She threw herself at Dipper and wrapped her arms round his waist and leaned up to kiss him.

Dipper didn’t plan for it to go like this, but her lips melted him and he forgot everything. Feeling her female form against his body changed his mind and overpowered his heart. He wrapped his arms around Candy and held her tight as they kissed. Breathing heavy she broke off the kiss.

“Dipper, I will never forget you. I wish you could stay. If…If your parents…if they separate you and Mabel again, will you come back to Gravity Falls? Come back and see me?” and she bent her knee gently inserting it between Dipper’s legs and rubbing his crotch while rubbing his back and feeling his shoulder blades.

As much as Dipper enjoyed Candy’s amorous assault, her words stopped his fall into lust.

“Separate us? No, I…” and he stepped back pulling her arms off of him. “I can’t Candy. I wanted to say goodbye and …make sure you were OK, but…but it looks like you…well, like you still want…oh gawd.”

And Dipper face palmed as he pushed her other arm away. But Candy didn’t want to lose this last chance, and she could tell that Dipper’s mind was divided. I still have chance.

 She leaned forward again on tip toe to kiss him again, and grabbing his hand placed it on her breast.

At his touch Candy felt lightning strike.

Dipper could not resist such a willing woman, but he kept trying. He didn’t remove his hand right away, and he let her kiss him. He whispered.

“Candy, I will never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart…” He fumbled as he tried to repeat the words he planned in advance to say. But now Candy was sucking his neck. Mabel had shared with her that night Dipper could not resist her when she did that.


“mmmmm Dipper mmmm”


“Dipper…” she looked up and they began to French kiss through a conversation.

“mmmmCandy….I can’t…mmm”

“Dipper…mmmmm…I am not a sister, I  can be real girlfriend. We don’t have to hide…mmmm”

“I knowwwwwmmmmm…No…mmm…I can’t …hurt …Mabel…”


They pulled apart.


Candy peeked through the curtain. Then she turned around to Dipper.

“It’s Mabel!”

Dipper started to look for a back way out but then stopped.

“No, Mabel deserves the truth, and besides, I have nothing to fear, I only came to tell you goodbye. Well, good-BYE!” and he went to the front door and opened it with a shocked Candy staring agape.

“Hi Mabel. I was telling Candy…”

“SHUTTUP DIPPER YOU…YOU…GOOBER!” And she slapped his face. Then she marched in and saw Candy.

“YOU! YOOOooouuuuuUUU doublecrossing twofaced BITCH!” and she tried to slap Candy, but Candy instinctively grabbed Mabel’s hand and twisted her around, forcing Mabel to fall to the floor or else break her wrist.


Dipper recovered and dropped to his knees, and grabbed Mabel’s arms. He looked up to Candy.

“Let her go Candy.” He furrowed his eyebrows and let it show he was mad. “Let her go, NOW!”

And Dipper tried something of a roundhouse kick at Candy’s calf, but she simply let go of Mabel and stepped back..

Candy always knew the twins had each others back, but now that she had been forced to hurt Mabel well…she knew now that she lost Dipper for good. She started crying.

“Dipper, I’m…I’m sorry!”

“Why aren’t you sorry to MABEL, huh? All you cared about was having me, you don’t care about Mabel as your friend or as my sister! If you really cared about me you would know that Mabel is the most important person in my LIFE!”

Mabel  threw off Dipper’s hands from her arms and stood up. “And WHAT in the hell were you doing over here mister two faced two timing…”  She crossed her arms and had daggers in her eyes.

Dipper stood up from the floor. What a mess. Mabel was pissed at him, Candy was crying, and he was the cause of it all.

“I was trying to tell you when I answered  the door! Give me 5 minutes will ya? I am trying to tell you the truth!”

Mabel narrowed her eyes. But then Candy spoke, sniffling:

“Mabel…I am sorry. But Dipper is telling the truth. He came to tell me goodbye but I wouldn’t listen. He was telling me you were number one, and he belonged to you, but I kept trying…trying…to change his mind. I could not. I’m sorry.”

Mabel growled. “Some best friend you are! What were you going to tell my parents about me, huh?”

Candy stopped crying and was shocked. She already had a pale complexion but now she turned ashen as her mouth dropped open, eyes wide.

Dipper turned to Mabel. “Tell our parents? Tell them what?”

“One guess goober.”

Mabel turned to face Candy. I don’t care if she knows kungfu. She slowly approached Candy who was slowly stepping back.

“That’s right. She was going to tell mom and dad about us. She wanted you to herself, and so was going to get rid of me by snitching on us!” Mabel wrinkled her nose as she raised her upper lip:

SNITCH BITCH!” and she tried to swat at Candy but quickly withdrew it. Candy did not try to grab it this time anyway, she would only anger Dipper more.

Dipper looked at Candy with new eyes now. Angry eyes. “I cared about you as a friend. I was trying to be nice to you. To make you feel better about the whole situation. But now I see Mabel was right, you’re selfish.”

Candy cried and turned around, grabbing the living room drapes as a hanky.

“Come on Mabel, let’s go.” And he reached out for her hand but Mabel just swatted it as she walked past him out the door. They left.


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my labtop suddenly shut down when i was almost finished….and this is all i am left with…..*sob

Elsanna is like, my tertiary ship, but THIS is so cute and shmexy I just had to reblog. Anna&#8217;s freckles makes her skin POP


my labtop suddenly shut down when i was almost finished….and this is all i am left with…..*sob

Elsanna is like, my tertiary ship, but THIS is so cute and shmexy I just had to reblog. Anna’s freckles makes her skin POP

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reblogged for truth

reblogged for truth

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fanfiction link to sequential chapters of Stan’s Plan

Hi Everyone! Thanks again for reading my Pinecest/CanDip story Stan’s Plan.

Here again is the link for the sequential collection of all chapters, for those new tumblr followers who may have missed it:

So far I have 126 separate visitors from 14 countries reading my story on fanfiction dot net.

My tumblr followers have tripled since I began this story, and there are even more on FF. I am humbled that there are readers who seem to follow it and jump on each chapter as it comes out. It seems that I am something of an acquired taste.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any constructive criticism or feedback!


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Pinecest: Stan’s Plan: Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The sunset from the Shack rooftop was orange and red, fading into deep blues and violets and black towards the east.  Warm colors to go with warm feelings thought Mabel, who was leaning against her brother as he held her with one arm around her and held her hand with the other.

Up here, while Stan was watching TV inside and the store closed, the tourists all gone, the twins had a little bit of privacy, and if anyone arrived they would see them approach the parking lot long before anyone would recognize them, much less notice them holding hands at that distance.

So this moment couldn’t be more romantic, with Dipper occasionally kissing the top of her forehead, to which she would raise her head to offer her lips, quickly taken by his. He would hold her close and she would squeeze him as she held him too. This is all I need, forever. Bliss and simple love was all that Mabel felt, chatty Mabel was nowhere to be found as she simply enjoyed being with her love.

But Dipper’s calm and loving embrace belied his busy mind. He would not think so but he had become expert at living two lives.  He loved his sister and it pained him to think of hurting her feelings, but a small part of his heart looked forward with anticipation to seeing Candy again, even though it would be for the last time.

Last time, and then Mabel will have me mind, body and soul, forever. I…I just want to say goodbye to Candy, that’s all. I will never see her again and then…problem solved.  I was the girl’s first kiss, so I…I don’t want her to remember it ending…too badly… for the rest of her life. I want her to always remember that I cared for her too. That would be the kindest way to tell her goodbye. That would be noble.  

So it was with these thoughts that he felt justified, that he was not lying to Mabel in any way, or betraying their love.  

Just lying to himself.


He turned from the sunset view to look down upon Mabel’s concerned face. She lifted a hand to his gently feel his face. Her beautiful eyes even in the sunset light were warm with affection, but in their silent twin body language he could tell from her look that he was caught daydreaming about something…or someone…else.

He smiled at her. It was always a delicate farce, he always had to include an element of truth, so that she would not read any lie. He could not fool her twindar with a boldface lie.

“I was just thinking babe, we have to go back in a week, and…and face mom and dad. Seven days will go by fast and then…then we won’t have the luxury we have now, the freedom we have now with Grunkle Stan.”

Mabel  now smiled in understanding. Whew! She believes me.

“I know. I’ve worried a little too, how they will separate us again if we have to go back to school, or worse, if they…they send one of us to school out of town.” She smiled as she said this, but he could see the sunset in her misty eyes, brimming with a tear or two.

 He kissed her, and tried to put on a brave smile, letting go of her hand to hold her head and gently pull her forward to touch their foreheads together.

“I won’t let that happen my love. I have a plan.”

She lit up. “I knew you would think of something!”

He smiled. He wasn’t sure it would work but he knew Mabel was a great actor!

“When we go back, we both act like what mom and dad wanted worked. We act like we…grew out of it, like we don’t care about each other anymore…that way…anymore. If we act a like normal brother and sister again, then…”

“Then they won’t separate us! And we can be sneaky heehee! Oh bro-bro, I love you!” and she kissed him.

“Well, that’s the plan anyway, I know you can pull it off haha! Then when we’re 18, well, they can’t do anything about it, can they?” And it was his turn to kiss her.

“Yep, but I better give you some acting lessons. I don’t want you messing this up! You can learn from the best!”

Dipper nodded. I think I’ve already got acting down sis.

They hugged each other with smiles as the last sunbeams between distant clouds flashed out and the stars begin to come out.

 As Candy imagined various scenarios for saying goodbye to Dipper, she remembered that at some point she would have to also say goodbye to Mabel too, after all they were best friends.

Say goodbye to Mabel as she goes back home. And goodbye to Dipper as he leaves Gravity Falls. Too bad he can’t stay here, while Mabel leaves…Mabel leaves…MABEL LEAVES!

Candy sat up in bed with a sharp inhale. That’s it! NO! What am I thinking? I…I can’t do that to my best friend! She is the one who deserves Dipper. I only had…had one kiss. She has…all…of him.

But the thought persisted. I could call her parents…tell them…if I told them, they might keep Dipper here and Mabel at home, like before! Then I would have him all to myself!   

Candy flopped back on her pillow. Part of her was very excited at the thought, even aroused, and another shaming her for even entertaining such a guilty plan of betrayal.

The inner debate raged all night, and she didn’t sleep well.

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Pinecest: Stan’s Plan: Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Candy knew that in the next week Dipper and Mabel would be leaving Gravity Falls for home. She only had seven days to make something happen, something she could remember, something with Dipper and her before she would never see him again. Well maybe at least until next summer, if they returned again.

She would graduate next year and then go to college, and so would Dipper. This might be her last chance. I wish I could kiss him again, feel his arms around me just one more time. She ached inside.

In her bedroom she changed into the floral top and denim shorts Mabel gave her. She thought of taking a selfie with her phone, sending it to Dipper’s phone, and then thought for a moment: If I send it to just Dipper Mabel will suspect, but if I send it to Mabel *and* Dipper, it would just seem like I am showing Mabel the outfit she gave me, and I just happened to include Dipper too. I’ll just say I “replied/all” and forgot Dipper would see it too.

She lay back on her bed, and looking somewhat down but with eyes looking up to the camera, she snapped a picture. Reviewing she didn’t send it. No legs. Mabel said my legs were my best asset.

She downloaded a selfie app that allowed a delay timer, so she could lean it against her dresser mirror, and step back to sit on the bed, cross her legs and sitting somewhat sideways, looked down and smiled with lowered eyelashes. Click.

I hope he likes it. She added text: “thanks for the shorts and top! I love them. What do you think? Do you like it?” And she added a wink smiley that she hoped Dipper would understand as “I am asking YOU if you like it!”.

TO: Mabel

CC: Dipper

Message sent.

She set her phone down and then posed in front of the mirror. The top also had a low cut back, showing her pale skin and a little mole in her right shoulder blade. She twirled around and leaned on the dresser, and reached to touch her face’s reflection and lowered her eyelashes again.

“Oh Dipper, we may never see each other again. I…I want to spend this last night with you before you leave. Will you remember me? Will you call me?”

And she kissed the mirror.

The phoned chimed! Text message.

As she picked up the phone it chimed again. One message from Mabel, another from Dipper!

“You rock Candy! ROCK CANDY HAHA!” Mabel included a picture of Mabel holding a bag of skittles.

Then she opened Dipper’s.

“I like it a lot. Thanks for sending me something to remember you by.”  And it included a link to a video website. The link went to the profile of a user called “Shack Mac” and only had one video. She played it.

It was Dipper, and he was walking down the shack hallway to the office, then he turned around and leaned against the desk. Then he hugged the camera and the video ended.

Candy’s heart skipped a beat, she understood exactly what he was saying. Oh Dipper! Thank you!

Candy went to the same video website and created an account “Rock Candy”. She then turned on her video camera and uploaded a video of her slowly lying back on the bed, batting her eyelashes and then panning down, showing her crossing her legs. Then on impulse, she kissed the camera. SEND.

She made sure she replied only to him with text. “Thank you for the link. And thank you for giving me something to remember too, can there be one more thing?”

Time seemed to go by agonizingly slow. Will he answer me?

The phone chimed. “HOT VID! This can’t go anywhere Candy no promises. But do want to say special goodbye before leaving. When?”

Candy cheered with a smile, leaping up from the bed. “Anytime when Mabel not there. :)  “

Dipper replied. “will find out and let you know. Bye.” This with a picture of a Dipper smiling but with sad eyes.

Candy held the phone to her heart. Oh Dipper, you have made me so happy!

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Pinecest: Stan’s Plan: Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Dipper was leading the way through the pine forest as the twins walked Candy home. Mabel loved being able to hold his hand without worrying what her best friend would think, now that Candy knew Dipper was more than her brother, that he was her lover. Following Dipper through the forest reminded her of when they would try to make their own trail somewhere private and secluded, where they could make love without a care in the world. But usually they spoke during those walks. This walk was unusually quiet, and Mabel knew it was because Candy was with them.

She turned around and smiled at Candy, who smiled back briefly and then resumed ducking low hanging pine branches and stepping over ferns. Like most who are familiar with Gravity Falls, Candy knew how to hike in the forest; how to avoid poisonous plants and spot wet ground covered with pine needles and humus versus just humus, so she would not get her shoes muddy. And the work of hiking through the shortcut to her home made a good excuse not to say anything, which she needed as her mind was very busy as she watched Dipper holding Mabel’s hand as he pulled her through the forest.

I will never be able to know Dipper as well as she does. She knows what he likes, his interests, his fears and failing, since they were children. I could never replace her or match her.

Candy was not having a “pity party” as Mabel would call it, she was actually analyzing her situation. Like Dipper, Candy was a problem solver and considered improving even the most common everyday things.

But Dipper still kissed me back. Maybe because I am not his sister. Mabel may have an advantage, but I have an advantage too. Dipper has to keep Mabel as secret love. If…if Mabel was not in picture, he would not have to make excuse to anybody about…about me. He and I could be together with no problems from anyone else, friends, neighbors or family.

 Maybe that is why he kissed me back, and tried to let me down…let me down easy, in secret language last night. Maybe deep inside he wants a girlfriend he does not have to hide.

But he did hide me. From Mabel. But he would not have to hide me from anyone else. He could hold hands with me in public, whereas with Mabel they can only hold hands in the forest.

Candy was torn. She loved Mabel as a friend, but Mabel was also competition for the only boy in her lonely life that seemed to care about her, and this was one good looking and smart boy.

While Mabel was thinking of passionate visits to the forest, and Candy was thinking passionately about her first kiss from a very desirable boy, Dipper was trying to be dispassionate.

Candy seemed to stiffen when I thanked her for the O.J. this morning. I hope that means she is getting over me and is even a little…unhappy about me touching her. That’s good right? Right. Then it is back to just Mabel and me like it used to be. Good. Good. But Grunkle Stan might…mess things up by trying to butt into my love life. Trying to push me to Candy. Ha!  I hope he quits with that bullshit. I’m a grown man and make my own choices. But…at least he…accepts Mabel and I as couple. If it weren’t for him I would still be without Mabel and depressed for sure. Bringing her back to Gravity Falls was the best thing he ever did for Mabel and me. I would rather hide our love forever than break her heart. I love Mabel too much to…to go after Candy, or any other girl. And he turned around to smile at Mabel. But Mabel was looking back at Candy, and Candy was looking forward. Candy saw Dipper looking back and smiled. Mabel  then turned around, so Dipper quickly spoke.

“Poison Oak on the left, careful.”

Mabel smiled at Dipper too. Good, she thinks I was turning around to warn them both. Not…not trade looks with Candy… or whatever.

But with Mabel now facing Dipper, she could not see Candy, who then winked at Dipper!

He quickly turned around before Mabel could see him blush. Damn it why did she have to go and wink at me? Was it a “OK, heard the warning about poison oak” wink or a “Remember our kiss?” wink or was she flirting in general or…?

Candy didn’t see Dipper’s blush, but she could tell that he turned around quickly because of her wink.

Good, he gets the message I think. If Mabel ever leaves picture, he knows I will be there waiting for him.

In the forest, it gets quiet. Very quiet.

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oh&#8230;my&#8230;gawh&#8230;so&#8230;so heart warming and sad at the same time (snif). MOAR

oh…my…gawh…so…so heart warming and sad at the same time (snif). MOAR

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